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As far as Jeffrey Breault is concerned, his loyalty and support only goes to two sports franchises: the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles and the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers. Why these two teams? Blame it on his dad, he says, for inspiring him to love both teams. His dad introduced him to the 76ers and the Eagles, brought him to games, and basically, shared his enthusiasm for the teams with his son. Jeffrey Breault, young and impressionable and so much in awe of his dad, was just too willing and eager to go with all of it: learning how to play both sports, learning about the teams, and of course, supporting both all the way.

And on that note, Jeffrey Breault dedicates this blog site to the 76ers and the Eagles and everything about the NFL and the NBA (please do check out the pages dedicated to the NFL and NBA, respectively). He invites readers to share their love for their favorite NBA or NFL (or both!) teams on this site. Together, says Jeffrey Breault, let’s build a community of sports lovers who support each other regardless of the teams we root for.

If there is anything you’d like to ask Jeffrey or you wish to share your personal experiences at the games, please feel free to get in touch with Jeffrey through this site. He’d be glad to hear from you!

In the meantime, Jeffrey Breault encourages you to take your time browsing the rest of the blog site. He hopes you enjoy the posts he has shared as much as he enjoyed writing them for you. He looks forward to seeing you all again here soon!

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