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For Jeffrey Breault, Malcolm Jenkins is one of the best players the NFL has ever had, both on and off the field. He currently plays safety positions for the Philadelphia Eagles. But before the Eagles signed him on for defense safety, he was corner back for the New Orleans Saints. And before that, he was a nickel corner back for his college football team at Ohio State. In high school, he was Piscataway Township High’s wide receiver and defensive back. If you ask Jenkins what position he plays, he’d jokingly say he’s a “hybrid.” Image Source: Heightline

Jenkins has two NFL Championships under his belt: the Super Bowl XLIV (while he was still with the New Orleans Saints) and Super Bowl LII, which he and the Eagles won in 2017. This means he has two Super Bowl rings, Jeffrey Breault excitedly shares.

Jenkins fights for equality

Sometime in 2016, Week 2 of the 2016 season, if Jeffrey Breault remembers it correctly, the world took notice of Malcolm Jenkins not because of his tackles and pass deflections or his stature as a professional football player for the Philadelphia Eagles but because of his activism; his protest against inequality and social injustice. Before the game, when the national anthem was played, Jenkins raised his fist in protest. And this, says Jeffrey Breault, is what endears Jenkins all the more to Eagles fans.

In an interview with NBC News, Jenkins said that he is “fighting for people;” people who have been disenfranchised and oppressed. He continued his protest during games well into 2017. His goal is to start a dialogue; to converse with legislators about racial inequality and social injustices. Jeffrey Breault shares that Jenkins has met with legislators on Capitol Hill and in 2017, he founded the Players Coalition group with former NFL wide receiver Anquan Boldin.

Players Coalition has about forty members so far who are all NFL players. The mission of the group is to call attention to issues on criminal justice reforms in the country.

According to the NBC News, members of the Players Coalition “convinced the NFL to agree to donate at least $89 million over seven years to projects dedicated to criminal justice reform and community outreach;” quotes Jeffrey Breault.

The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation

Malcolm Jenkins established the Malcolm Jenkins Foundation in 2010 to help children, the youth, in under-served communities through mentorship programs, educational programs, summer camps, and youth football camps, among others. Says Jeffrey Breault; “It’s Jenkins’ way of giving back to the community. He deeply appreciates the help and guidance that he himself received from his coaches, his family, and everyone who has been with him throughout his journey.”

In a world controlled by social media, where everything and everyone is fair game and where negativity is daily fodder, Jenkins is that breath of fresh air. He brings positivity wherever he goes and uplifts the lives of others as best he can.

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