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Jeffrey Breault is a huge sports fan, rooting mostly for the Philadelphia 76ers and the Philadelphia Eagles. With the Eagles’ stellar performance last season (Super Bowl LII champs!), things are finally looking up for the team! On the other hand, the Philadelphia 76ers has not had as much luck as the Eagles for a long time now, but Jeffrey Breault still believes that there’s hope for the Sixers yet. He, like most other Sixers die-hards, is keeping his fingers crossed that things will keep getting better for the team after their performance during the 2017-18 NBA season.

Being a fan of both teams and the NBA and NFL in general, Jeffrey Breault thought it best to publish a blog site where he can share his enthusiasm for the teams and leagues to the rest of the world. On that note, here is a brief rundown of what the reader can expect from this blog site:

  • Home – the landing page (this page) where a brief introduction of the site is provided
  • About – learn more about how Jeffrey developed his love for sports and the two Philly teams mentioned above
  • Blog – the best page on the site for getting will get a firsthand account of Jeffrey’s experiences at the games as well as his thoughts about his two favorites teams, respective players and coaches, and everything in-between
  • NBA – dedicated to the Philadelphia 76ers and NBA news and updates in general
  • NFL – dedicated to the Philadelphia Eagles as well as general news and updates on the NFL

First off, Jeffrey Breault thanks the reader for dropping by his blog site. Secondly, he invites you to bookmark this site to ensure that you won’t miss his latest posts and updates.

Please take your time browsing the rest of the blog site. Jeffrey Breault looks forward to seeing you all again here soon!